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I need a free psychic Reading

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Psychic Reading

Good day,
I am requesting a free reading. You know at this stage I do not know what is happening in or with my life. I am a cross roads where i do not know where i am going. Everything is stagnant no forward no backward. I have beed to traditional healers, did rituals used herbs they gave me but nothing is working out. I am wondering i did i anger the universe? did i anger God what did i do to deserve all of this? Me and my mother we do not get along at all and i sometimes feel like maybe she’s the one behind all of this but then how and why would she do that? I dont connect with my kids i am always screaming and shouting at them. Why? I am working but i own nothing i am always broke always i have a car which i cant maintain i dont own a house i feel useless i feel like a failure sometimes i even anticipate taking my own life

Published by Black Magic Love Spells Caster

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